We are hosting a series of strategic events in 2019 to exchange learning with others. The programme will draw on practice from the Creative People and Places network and beyond with discussion and exchange at the centre of each event.

People Power Practice

17 January 2019, Peterborough

A one-day symposium hosted by the Creative People and Places network for senior cultural leaders who want to build stronger approaches to inclusive engagement.

The Power of Community

2 March 2019, Luton

A one-day symposium for Creative People and Places participants to build connections across the wider Creative People and Places network

The Art of Wellbeing

14 June 2019, Burnley

A symposium exploring the relationship between meaningful arts engagement and individual and community wellbeing

By With and Of

Leadership in Creative Communities

A day of thinking and workshops about how to design and put into practice models of leadership that work for individuals and the people and communities they work with. A Development Day In partnership with Clore Leadership.

Woman talking to audience

Photo: Aleksandra Warchol

People talking at table

Photo: Aleksandra Warchol

Photo: Hannah Saunders